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For the Love

of Water and Energy

Saving Water and Energy

one Fixture at a time

Simply stated, (For the Love of Water and Energy) is a company that provides products and services that conserve water and energy. Our energy saving products and services facilitate the preservation of trillions of gallons of residential fresh water per year. The Co-founders, Jeff Horwitz and Chris Kirn have been in the water and energy conservation space for several years.

How We Do It
Introducing Our Flagship ProductWooD™ products are ready to hit the market, finally giving earth-conscious consumers a simple retrofit solution with quick installations and no hassle.

Water is our most valuable resource. It literally is the basis of all life, but its cost is increasing at a rate far greater than any energy source. provides water saving products that will revolutionize the industry and save gallons of wasted water in every household. not only looks to conserve water, but also energy. Each one of our energy saving products is strategically designed to limit the use of power in your household and to help you save a substantial amount of money on your utility bill.

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