Here at, we feel a passion for helping the environment, and we seek to reduce energy and water waste one household fixture at a time. We’re developing products that are quick and easy to install into your household fixtures to make energy efficiency as seamless and hassle-free as possible. Households aren’t the only places in which energy efficiency is important; many businesses in the world are making strides to reduce their energy consumption as well. Let’s take a look at some of these businesses:


Based out of North Carolina, this is the leading US company that manufactures consumer LED light bulbs. A large variety of this company’s products are selling like hot cakes on the shelves at your local Home Depot. The reason that their light bulbs are so popular is due to their high quality, durability, and low cost.  In fact, some of their light bulbs can last for over 10 years and are sold for under $10. With a light bulb priced at just one dollar per year, that’s a steal of a deal!


Considered the premier solar services company in the US, this company takes a simple and straightforward approach to their business model. The buyer orders the solar panels and then Solarcity finances and installs them. Many households are looking into solar panel installation in order to reduce their carbon footprint in the environment. Watch out for this innovative company as it continues to grow.

Trevi Systems

Our planet includes an abundance of saltwater in its powerful oceans. After experiencing a years-long drought, California and other parts of the country could greatly benefit from using sea water. In the past, the desalination process, which is the process of removing salt from the water, was expensive and laborious. However, Trevi seeks to innovate the entire desalination process by using forward osmosis, which uses the natural physical properties of water to filter out the salts.

Azuri Technologies

In Africa, hundreds of millions of people either have no electricity at all or they have extremely bad grid connection. Azuri seeks to change this unfortunate statistic by offering residents access to solar power. Their “Paygo” system lets people in rural areas pay low monthly payments to install a solar panel that creates enough electricity for a cell phone and two lights. Once their panels are paid off, residents have the option of upgrading to a larger panel or keep their current panel.


Data centers require cooling systems for their equipment, which involved energy inefficient technology in the past. However, Intertech seeks to drastically reduce the amount of energy used in cooling systems. A few years ago, Intertech installed a cooling system in a Canadian telecom company headquarters that used about 80 percent less electricity than most data centers.

We would love to see energy waste reduced on a global scale, involving both businesses and households. Businesses both large and small could start taking simple steps in order to increase their energy efficiency. If you would like to reduce water and energy waste in your home, then look into our energy saving devices.