At, we have a passion for saving the Earth’s dwindling water and energy resources one household fixture at a time. According to the EPA, US households use up to 30 trillion gallons of water a year, and as much as 80 percent of that water is wasted by flowing down the drain. After experiencing the devastating effects of the years-long drought in California, we wanted to create a product that drastically reduced the amount of water wasted in households. From a practical point of view, consumers want to reduce their water wastage, but they don’t want to spend large amounts of money on difficult-to-install devices. Keeping ease of use, convenience, and cost in mind, we created WooD to prevent households from wasting large amounts of water through their faucets.

What is WooD?

WooD is a touch-activated water-saving system that can be easily installed to your current faucet in under two minutes. This water-saving device eliminates the contamination that occurs when you touch a germ-covered faucet handle because it is touch-free.  

How Does It Work?

The hands-free faucet comes with a remote-controlled activator with a design similar to a computer mouse. The activator works like a gas pedal, and you click it with your foot or your knee to turn your faucet on and off. There are two different modes for the faucet: Press and hold the activator to keep the water running. When you double tap the activator, the water is always on, and you can press it again to turn the water off.


How Do I Install WooD?

WooD is packaged with three key components: the adaptor, the activator, and the faucet head. Simply unscrew your old faucet head, screw in the adaptor, and screw in the new faucet head. Once the adaptor and faucet head are installed, you set the desired pressure and temperature for your water. This entire process is simple and takes less than two minutes. At, we understand that energy-saving devices need to be easy to install and use in order for people to actually use them.

Where To Place The Activator

The activator can be installed in a variety of different ways for use. You could place it horizontally on the floor and use your foot to activate it. The activator can also be placed vertically on the toe kick or it can be placed on the cabinet door for knee activation.

Why Is This Better Than My Current Faucet?

Cross-contamination easily occurs every time you touch your germ-laden faucet handle, which is avoided when you use our touch-free faucet. Every time you avoid leaving the faucet running, you are saving water, but it’s inconvenient to constantly turn the tap on and off with your hands. When using a hands-free faucet, you can control your water usage easily while also avoiding cross-contamination. Not only are you avoiding contact with pathogens, but you are helping to reduce water wastage, which also means a reduced water bill.

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