1. Innovative Companies Impacting Energy Efficiency

    Here at Flowe.green, we feel a passion for helping the environment, and we seek to reduce energy and water waste one household fixture at a time. We’re developing products that are quick and easy to install into your household fixtures to make energy efficiency as seamless and hassle-free as possi…Read More

  2. WooD™, Our Water-Saving Faucet

    At Flowe.green, we have a passion for saving the Earth’s dwindling water and energy resources one household fixture at a time. According to the EPA, US households use up to 30 trillion gallons of water a year, and as much as 80 percent of that water is wasted by flowing down the drain. After exper…Read More

  3. How People Waste Water in Their Homes

    Water is one of the most precious resources that our planet has to offer, and it’s the basis of all life. At Flowe.green, we value water greatly and we strive to help provide people with the technology to help save the planet, one household fixture at a time. Unfortunately, when people are wasting…Read More

  4. How The United States Wastes Water

    Here at Flowe.green, we are dedicated to saving the planet, one household fixture at a time. We believe in providing affordable and easy to install energy saving devices to people in an effort to conserve our precious energy resources. Taking care of our environment is important, and energy efficien…Read More

  5. How Homeowners Can Save Energy

    Here at Flowe.green, we have a passion for conserving the precious resources on our planet. One of the biggest hurdles people face when considering ways in which to adapt a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is time. People do not want to spend a significant amount of time trying to adapt to a …Read More

  6. How To Save Electricity

    Here at Flowe.green, we have a passion for conserving energy and the development of energy-saving devices. Although renewable energy and energy conservation may not be a popular topic at the moment, we want to reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal with our energy saving products is to help save the …Read More

  7. More Tips For Conserving Water

    In our last blog, we discussed easy ways to conserve water in your home. Some of the actions we mentioned taking were watering your plants early in the mornings, shortening your shower times, and turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth. However, we couldn’t just stop there. There are so …Read More

  8. Easy Ways To Conserve Water At Home

    Here at Flow Green, we feel a deep passion for conserving our water and energy resources. Every day, countless gallons of water and other energy resources are wasted, and we want to prevent energy wasting as much as we possibly can. Chances are, most people are unaware of all the water that they was…Read More