Chris Kirn, Co-Founder & CEO

Chris spent 20 years working in the field of automotive design, the last 16 years of which he was with Mercedes-Benz and left as the Director of R&D North America in charge of Human-Machine Interaction. With a MS in Human Factors Engineering / Industrial and Systems Engineering, Chris applies the same skills as a behavioral scientist/ engineer toward the design of water and energy conservation systems.

Jeff Horwitz, Co-Founder & COO

As a successful remodeler and builder for decade, Jeff owned several thriving businesses and is a former professional athlete. After he retired from construction, the California droughts became more prominent than ever, and he felt a need to do something meaningful to conserve energy.

Jeff and Chris have been in the water and energy conservation space for several years. They are good friends and saw a chance to make a positive difference and run a profitable water conservation technology company with