In our last blog, we discussed easy ways to conserve water in your home. Some of the actions we mentioned taking were watering your plants early in the mornings, shortening your shower times, and turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth. However, we couldn’t just stop there. There are so many more ways in which you can conserve water, and many of them are quick and easy. As mentioned before, we really have a passion for conserving water and other precious energy resources. Today, we’ve included some more easy tips for conserving water so that you can reduce your impact on the environment.

Wash Your Car At The Car Wash

Although we are not huge fans of washing cars due to the amount of water used during the process, sometimes it’s a necessary evil. Therefore, if you must wash your car, wash it at a car wash where they recycle the water that they use. If you wash your car at home, you cannot easily reuse the water from the washing process, so trek on over to your local car wash center.

Reconsider Your Lawn

Beautiful green lawns are a great cause of anxiety for environmentalists for a myriad of reasons. Many people use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that pollute the soil and surrounding waterways and are harmful to the health of humans as well as animals. Additionally, millions of gallons each year are used to water grass in areas where the growing conditions are less than ideal. It makes absolutely no sense to have a grass lawn when you live in a dry area such as the desert. However, you don’t have to totally do away with vegetation in your yard to reduce your environmental impact. Many people today are choosing to xeriscape their yards by replacing grass with drought-resistant local plants, succulents, and water-wise ground cover.


Shower Buckets

While you wait for the water in your shower to heat up, stick a bucket under the faucet to catch the water. Instead of just letting the water run down the drain, you can use it to water your plants.

Quit Flushing So Much

There’s a popular phrase in tropical islands with limited freshwater resources:

“In the island of fun and sun, we don’t flush when we go number one.”

We understand that some of you will not want to heed to this advice, but the toilet is considered one of the most water-intensive devices in the home. Reducing the amount of times you flush liquid waste down the toilet can make a huge impact on the environment.

Install A Rain Barrel

If you use a rain barrel to harvest rainwater, then you might not even need to use a hose to water your plants again. Not only will you be cutting down on your water usage, but you could lower your water bill.

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