Coming in the summer of 2017! Patent Pending.

WooD™ (pronounced woodie) is Water only on Demand.  This unique hands-free faucet allows you to turn household water on and off so you only use the amount you need, thereby reducing water waste by upwards of 75%!  Not only does this self-powering system preserve water and save money, it eliminates the need to touch the pathogen-laden faucet handles in the bathroom and kitchen.  This water saving faucet employs technology never before seen in conjunction with water in the home.  Fun and easy to use,  installation of this water saving product takes about 60 seconds.

Here’s how it works: a remote control activator (placed anywhere near your faucet, e.g. floor, cabinet, etc.) replaces your typical faucet handle. Based on the technology used for a computer mouse, this activator acts like a gas pedal: one click to turn on, two clicks to stay on, and click again to turn off.

You can easily install this hands-free faucet by simply unscrewing the faucet, screwing on the adapter head, and using a  suction cup on the pedal to stick it in the most convenient place. It only takes 60 seconds to install this water conservation system.

This is game-changing technology never before seen in conjunction with in-home water control.

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